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31 Issues Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument

31 Issues Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument


Have you learnt the one factor a narcissist loves greater than himself?

An argument. 

In truth, their rickety stairwell of a soul is dependent upon verbal battles to maintain the ego from collapsing. 

How covert narcissists argue and the ridiculous issues they are saying vary from infuriating to surprising to devastating to downright absurd. 

The aftermath leaves you shell-shocked, emotionally tortured, and questioning the whole lot you thought you ever knew concerning the individual. 

There isn’t any successful in opposition to narcissist argument techniques, however there’s a option to cushion the blow. 

What Is a Covert Narcissist?

A covert or weak narcissist is a particular breed throughout the narcissistic persona dysfunction (NPD) household. An overt narcissist is the stereotype most of us consider—the focus, the lifetime of the social gathering, ego-driven, and egocentric.

A covert narcissist is simply as ego-driven and egocentric however barely extra harmful since they’re tougher to see coming. 

An individual might be recognized with NPD, however then there’s one other layer of figuring out the covert vs. overt vs. malignant narcissism traits.

A covert narcissist stands out for the next causes: 

  • They’re introverted.
  • They’re overly delicate to criticism.
  • They all the time play the sufferer.
  • They’re excessively passive-aggressive.
  • They’re defensive in opposition to any constructive suggestions, even when warranted.

Overt and covert narcissists share the identical sense of grandiosity.

They’re each impassive and apathetic.

The covert narcissist simply hides within the shadows as a substitute of in search of the limelight.

There’s no definitive line drawn between the place an individual splinters between overt and covert narcissism.

One concept is that introversion or extroversion traits develop earlier in life than the persona dysfunction that causes narcissism. 

What Ways Do Narcissists Use in an Argument?

An argument with a narcissist is guerilla warfare. He’ll use no matter weaponry is required to win whereas tearing you down.

Their techniques are so well-known they even get some artistic names. 

1. Straw Man

Very like a scarecrow (straw man), this tactic entails pulling down any logical argument or legitimate level by exaggerating or manipulating the assertion.

In at this time’s society, it may be known as “faux information.” The aim is to shock and awe you whereas making your assertion unstable. 

Since narcissists have to exude superiority and have no-self consciousness, they aren’t making an attempt to fact-check the dialog.

They’re making an attempt to win by any means essential, and hinging on a couple of phrases of a fancy sentence or distorting your phrases is a type of methods. 

2. Gaslighting

This time period comes from a 1938 British play of the identical identify the place a husband strategically does issues to persuade his spouse she’s gone mad.

woman holding phone talking to man Things Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument

When a narcissist gaslights you throughout an argument, he’ll let you know that you simply’re overreacting, being too delicate, or mentally unhealthy to proceed the dialog. 

Be warned—he’ll use many different tactical punches to provide the ultimate blow of gaslighting when you’re upset or indignant.

You’ll danger agreeing with him since you are, the truth is, yelling and flailing your arms like a lunatic primarily based on him pushing your buttons.

3. Phrase Salad

Like a combined bag of greens, veggies, and dressing, they’ll combine up phrases in nonsensical codecs that go to this point off the purpose you’re one crouton away from screaming.

This tactic is used while you’ve made a sound, easy level that isn’t simple to discredit, in order that they as a substitute need to lead you down a special path. 

He’ll converse in half sentences and mumbled phrases with the tenacity to maintain it going till you’re prepared to surrender. Phrase salad is a submissive approach to put on you down and let him win. 

4. Projection

Like a film projector, he transfers what’s occurring inside him and assigns that unfavourable trait to you.

That is commonest with allegations of dishonest or betrayal. A covert narcissist may even use this tactic to bolster his sufferer standing. 

If you happen to accuse him of not caring for the canine, he’ll let you know how he saved the canine from choking the opposite day, and also you by no means appreciated it.

Whereas a narcissist can’t really feel feelings, they know what feelings are necessary to you because you’ve opened up a lot in the course of the love bombing stage.

They may undertaking your defiance of these feelings to wreck you emotionally. 

5. Narcissistic Rage

That is essentially the most harmful tactic they use as a result of it shortly turns into emotional or bodily abuse.

You probably have the endurance to maintain arguing, they may get to the breaking level of flying off the deal with, slandering you with defamatory phrases, and insulting the whole lot valuable you’ve shared with them. 

On the flip aspect, they will additionally rage via silent therapy and indifference. You may be addressing the subject of the argument, and so they say nothing whereas showing as calm as in the event that they had been in church.

You may attain out for a hand when making an attempt to attach with him, and he coldly rejects you. 

6. Passive Aggressive

One other covert tactic that serves them effectively in any side of life, together with an argument, is being passive-aggressive.

He’ll make the passive-aggressive assertion, you’ll get upset, after which he’ll herald some gaslighting to show you’re overly delicate. Be aware how that can be projecting because the narcissist is overly delicate at his core. 

These statements made throughout an argument may also be ones you don’t understand had been an insult till you’re overanalyzing the argument hours later… “Wait, did he insinuate he works tougher than I do?” 

31 Issues Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument

Narcissistic phrases have been used so usually and had been so profitable for narcissists that they have an inclination to make use of the identical ones time and again. 

1. “Right here we go once more.”

You may ask a easy query a few family chore that didn’t get executed, and he knocks you off kilter from the git-go asserting that you simply’re all the time prepared to begin a combat. 

2. “So that you don’t need me to have pals?”

You’re upset he went to pleased hour along with his pals for the third time this week, and also you need a night time collectively.

He twists these phrases right into a generalization removed from what you meant. All of the sudden, you’re reaffirming how nice of a buddy he’s. 

4. “I accomplish that a lot for you!”

One of many love bombing advantages for a narcissist is that they’ve an entire slew of form issues they did for you… months in the past.

In his thoughts, all of that is sort of a financial savings account used as a weapon, irrespective of how lengthy it has been since he’s complimented you. 

5. “We are able to speak while you aren’t intoxicated.” 

Even in case you’re sipping a freshly poured glass of wine, he’ll hook onto that and use your “ingesting drawback” as a motive you’ll be able to’t have this dialogue proper now. 

6. “I don’t know what you need me to say.” 

You’ve made a terrific level with proof. You’ve cornered him. Victory appears imminent. As an alternative, with a smug and blasé look, he refuses to reply and dismisses the priority. 

young couple fighting on the sidewalk Things Covert Narcissists Say in an Argument

7. “Right here comes the waterworks.”

As a lot as you may be passionately combating to maintain the connection alive, he’ll showcase how emotional (aka – weak) you might be. He additionally feels a twinge of victory as a result of he controls you adequate to make you cry.

8. “I assumed you had been completely different.” 

The narcissist made you are feeling particular. He was the one which used the phrase soulmate first. Now he’s devaluing that position, so that you’ll return to in search of your uniqueness in his life. 

9. “Your folks warned me you’d do that.” 

He’ll distort or make up a dialog with your pals and use them as “flying monkeys” designed to gaslight you extra.

He’s not insulting you, however he’s insinuating your pals have.  

10. “I assume we gained’t be happening that trip.” 

He deliberate the journey of your goals a yr forward of time to make use of it as management over you. If he threatens to take away the carrot, you’re extra prone to give up in any argument.

11. “Cease projecting your emotions onto me.” 

Oh, sure, they’ll use the tactical phrases that at the moment are frequent in dialog to show the tables. Like a sport of scorching potato, you’re now simply tossing allegations backwards and forwards as a substitute of resolving them.

12. “Go forward, see what occurs subsequent.” 

If you happen to attempt to set up any boundary, he’s conniving sufficient to not let you understand what punishment awaits. He does let the suspense of a discard hang-out you greater than any revelation would. 

13. “If you happen to wouldn’t try this, I wouldn’t do that.” 

Any dangerous conduct of his might be become your fault, irrespective of how absurd the argument is. He justifies his dangerous actions along with your worse actions. 

14. “Go forward, pile it on!”

Since a covert narcissist is all the time a sufferer, he’s going to make you are feeling dangerous for re-victimizing him once more. Now you danger feeling responsible about his traumatic workload and his relationship. 

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15. “This was my greatest concern about you.” 

To say that he was the one who selected you and that he was “this shut” to not selecting you, he’ll make you are feeling such as you’re as soon as once more getting ready to being discarded. 

16. “Develop up!”

Youngsters are sometimes called bossy, needy, and whiny. The narcissist will search for any alternative to showcase how he’s extra mature than you might be and level out precisely the way you’re performing like a toddler. 

17. “Not less than she listens to me.”

Narcissists will devalue your affection by showcasing how others do it higher. Even when he lingered a bit of too lengthy with the lady from gross sales on the firm social gathering, it’s one way or the other your fault since he was “lastly” getting a praise. 

18. “Why are you ruining a great factor?”

With smoke and mirrors, he’ll remind you of how good it (strategically) was and make you yearn for that point while you didn’t argue or attempt to set boundaries. 

19. “You’re not mad at me. You’re mad at you.” 

All of the sudden the narcissist is a psychiatrist, serving to dismantle your accusations and present you the way it’s actually one thing you concocted by yourself. 

20. “We’ll speak about this tomorrow after a great night time’s sleep.”

That is almost definitely to occur proper earlier than or throughout a discard. He already is aware of he’s strolling away, and also you’ll conform to the dialogue because the gaslit assertion is smart.

woman covers her face with both hands  while man

Spoiler Alert: You’ll not speak tomorrow. Or the following day. And many others. 

21. “I advised you that in confidence!”

If you happen to draw a connection to his conduct primarily based on one thing he advised you, like his abusive previous and the way he now yells on the children, he’ll deflect the accusations and accuse you of betraying belief. 

22. “Possibly you SHOULD depart.” 

He’s calling your bluff on the river card on this verbal poker sport. As an alternative of begging you to stick with you, stand your guard; he’s double canine daring you to go.

23. “You don’t suppose that sounds a bit of insane?”

Since narcissists go to elaborate ends to get what they need, they’ll re-configure that to sound preposterous after they’ve been caught. Like a prosecuting lawyer with out sufficient possible trigger, he’s hoping you’ll cave. 

24. “You aren’t going to say whats up?”

Narcissists want provide, and a unfavourable provide of you being so simply triggered can occur at any time.

You might need had the most effective intercourse of your life that morning, however now he wants extra validation and can discover issues the place they don’t exist. 

25. “I hope you don’t speak to the children like that.” 

It’s dangerous sufficient after they go after you as an individual, however now they’re tearing you down as a dad or mum. 

26. “Do you actually need to die on this hill?”

They’re negating the significance of the argument whereas making it really feel like Custer’s Final Stand. In fact, you don’t. You simply need him to take out the trash. 

27. “Why do I entice loopy ladies?” 

He’ll normally say this to an imaginary determine within the ceiling, so it’s not directed at you, however there’s nonetheless emotional splatter throughout you. He additionally will get the advantage of “I by no means mentioned you had been loopy!” 

28. “I’m sorry you are feeling that approach.”

This. Is. Not. An. Apology. Although it consists of the key phrases “I’m sorry,” it’s nonetheless diminishing your emotions whereas mentioning that you simply’re mistaken. 

29. “Sure, I’m having an affair with three ladies and two males.” 

You simply needed to know who he was seen having lunch with, and he exaggerated the perceived accusation.

The intense embellishment helped him keep away from answering the query whereas hoping you see the entire line of questioning as overreacting. 

30. “You suppose you are able to do higher?”

He is aware of you’ll be able to’t do higher since he’s a god amongst males. He simply wants you to see it. This query is adopted by all of the methods he’s superior to some other companion and the way misplaced you’d be with out him. 

31. “I don’t know if I can dwell with out you.” 

This isn’t solely a narcissistic behavior, nevertheless it’s emotionally manipulative and needs to be handled as a critical concern. It is best to tackle any insinuation of self-harm with an expert. 

Take care of Covert Narcissist’s Arguments

It’s too simple to say, “the one option to win an argument with a narcissist is to not combat within the first place.”

You wouldn’t be studying this text if it was that easy. You’re in the midst of a battle, and also you want reliable assist. 

  • Cease taking it personally. As soon as you’ll be able to wrap your head round the concept this individual has no feelings, you’ll be able to cease making it look like he’s tearing you down.
  • Modify your strategy to deal with issues. Because you aren’t speaking to an emotional being, it’s essential to navigate the dialog like a thoughts discipline, dodging all of his techniques. Keep in mind, any emotional rise out of you is a win. Keep calm. 
  • Don’t press his buttons. Since you understand a covert narcissist is particularly damage by criticism, flip the argument subject round. As an alternative of asking why he didn’t mow the garden, inform him you considered mowing the garden, however you’ll be able to’t get the proper traces within the grass as he does. 

How Does a Narcissist Act After an Argument?

Right here’s one other phrase to know regarding narcissists –object fidelity. These with object fidelity can really feel the “I like you, however I don’t such as you proper now” feelings.

Narcissists don’t really feel any connection to an individual after an argument, which is a scarcity of object fidelity. It manifests in a number of necessary methods you could know. 

  • They Aren’t Ready for You. In truth, they’ve probably gone to a different provide, be it skilled or intimate, to really feel higher about themselves. 
  • They Gained’t “Come Round” Ultimately. Because you’re a device to construct their superiority standing, they achieve nothing by begging you to come back again. The victory comes while you pursue.
  • You Can’t Win. If you happen to go on along with your life whereas he’s pouting, then you definately’re merciless and by no means cared about him. If you happen to textual content him twice to speak, you’re stalking him. If you happen to inform your pals, you’re violating his belief. If you happen to maintain all of it to your self, you’re as impassive as you accused him of being. 
  • You will have been discarded. As a part of the narcissistic cycle, you’ll be discarded, dismissed, or ignored as a part of the narcissistic cycle. This can be a key tactic of post-argument narcissism. When he does come again, he’ll love bomb to keep away from the argument subject as soon as and for all. 

Last Ideas

You’re the just one who will stroll from an argument with a narcissist who seems like crap. If you happen to submit, you are feeling dangerous.

If you happen to stand your floor, you might be punished and really feel worse. 

You’ll be able to lose a way of self, take a significant ego hit, and spiral into obsessive ideas. You aren’t loopy or damaged.

You will have danced with the satan. Speak to a therapist to kind out this incomprehensible emotional chaos. 

What are the things covert narcissists say in an argument? Find out most of it in this post so you can learn how to answer them the next time.



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