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EMF Risks and The way to Mitigate Their Results

EMF Risks and The way to Mitigate Their Results


What’s EMF/EMR?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This radiation comes from numerous electromagnetic infrastructure and units and pure sources. Many units that emit EMFs are wi-fi and transmit frequencies that carry data from one gadget to a different by the air. EMR is a type of non-ionizing radiation, which is any frequency under the ionizing radiation threshold. Some types of ionizing radiation that you could be be aware of are x-rays and nuclear power. 

EMFs range of their configuration, results on human biology, dimension, and velocity of their waveforms. The pure electromagnetic fields emitted from the Earth and its environment have continuously altering frequencies that each one life types on Earth have tailored to dwell inside. Non-native (man-made, synthetic) electromagnetic frequencies emit completely different EMF patterns than pure sources. 

Every synthetic EMF supply runs on repetitive, pulsed frequencies. If these have been audible, we’d hear one thing like an amber alert or alarm clock. Nothing in nature operates this fashion, so our our bodies are in a relentless “combat or flight” state (stress response). Our our bodies turn into very overstimulated when repeatedly uncovered to the identical frequency. 

EMF Signs

Like a virus, our our bodies try and ‘assault’ what it perceives as a overseas invader. Nevertheless, the protein coatings on every cell can not acknowledge this unnatural sign. Since there’s nothing to defeat or assault bodily, the battle continues eternally (even throughout sleep) or till the dangerous stimulus is eliminated. 

On this ongoing battle, our immune system can exhaust itself and have much less power to reply to invaders equivalent to micro organism, mould, and endotoxins or regenerate the physique. 

Signs of EMF overload can embrace:


You will need to notice that signs might range from individual to individual, and a few could also be unrelated to EMF publicity. We will take a look at whether or not or not mediating the EMF publicity is inflicting signs by experimenting somewhat. If unsure, please see your healthcare supplier for recommendation.

Minimizing Publicity & Options 

  1. Get away from town and go for a hike or go tenting to reconnect with nature (ideally 1-4x/month). 
  2. Keep away from carrying a mobile phone in your physique (pocket/bra). 
  3. Keep away from holding any mobile phone towards your physique when utilizing (towards your head). 
  4. Use your mobile phone on loudspeaker or with an “air tube” headset. (Get one right here: https://amzn.to/3ErlChP)
  5. Put your mobile phone on ‘airplane mode’ when not in use. 
  6. Keep away from utilizing your mobile phone in automobiles, trains, or elevators. 
  7. Maintain cell telephones away from you or on airplane mode whereas sleeping. 
  8. Flip off the wifi router at evening or when not in use. 
  9. Direct join/hardwire units with ethernet cables. 
  10. Put money into Blushield Know-how which permits your physique to resonate with nature’s frequency. You then don’t have to fret about continuously preventing the EMF radiation round you.
  11. Ensure your physique’s magnesium shops aren’t depleted.

Blushield and EMFs

The Blushield EMF Safety System simulates the Earth’s pure cycle by creating coherent frequencies inside the human resonance vary. To fight non-native EMFs, Blushield makes use of resonant frequencies as an alternative of trying to dam them, which is mostly ineffective or suboptimal for numerous causes. Via sympathetic resonance, our our bodies will favor and attune to harmonious frequencies if there are harmonic frequencies within the atmosphere equal to or larger than the inharmonious frequencies. Use our Blushield low cost code MGS for further financial savings.

Magnesium’s Function in Mitigating EMF Injury

We’d like magnesium for numerous important capabilities that preserve us wholesome. The physique makes use of it in over 300 (some say 700) enzyme reactions. Along with producing ATP and mobile power, it additionally regulates blood sugar, blood strain, DNA and protein synthesis, bone and tooth formation, and temperature.

As a result of magnesium is so extensively utilized within the physique, a deficiency in magnesium can lead to a wide range of seemingly unrelated signs. Cardiovascular issues, neurological points, muscular issues, or metabolic points can all be attributable to magnesium deficiencies.

A magnesium deficiency could cause many issues, together with hypertension, sleep disturbances, nervousness, seizures, persistent ache, constipation, muscle cramps, complications/migraines, mind fog, fatigue, and aggressive conduct. Diabetes, bronchial asthma, preeclampsia, osteoporosis, epilepsy, hypertension, tinnitus, and Parkinson’s illness are a few of the persistent well being circumstances which may be linked to it.

Latest research have offered definitive solutions to one of many major mechanisms of electromagnetic field-induced non-thermal organic hurt. Of their research, Martin Pall, Ph.D., and different scientists found that EMFs instantly have an effect on voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), that are crucial for modulating calcium ranges in cells. Delicate, intricate electrochemical processes management our complete bodily capabilities. Due to this, our our bodies are extremely inclined to electromagnetic fields. Within the atmosphere, man-made electromagnetic fields, which have amplitudes as much as thousands and thousands of occasions stronger than what our our bodies and the Earth produce, can overwhelm our voltage-gated calcium channels, inflicting calcium channel flooding.

“Magnesium is a pure calcium-channel blocker; so long as there’s sufficient magnesium inside cells, damaging calcium inflow doesn’t happen. The necessity for calcium-channel blockers arises from the breakdown of cell membrane integrity, which is in flip attributable to a magnesium deficiency.”

– excerpt from The Magnesium Issue, by Mildred Seelig, MD & Andrea Rosanoff, PhD

A wave of calcium floods into our cells attributable to alternating currents and radiofrequency radiation, radiation. These surges overexcite our VGCCs, resulting in intensive injury. Our our bodies turn into overstimulated and confused from the flood of those unnatural alerts we’re uncovered to, inflicting chain reactions all through all our methods. Calcium ions are additionally changed with different ionic components that aren’t as efficient at holding the negatively charged phospholipids in place. Small holes within the phospholipid membrane trigger substances to leak into and out of the cell, inflicting many well being issues.

Apparently, the tactic of discovering this and confirming it concerned administering a selected class of medicine, generally known as calcium channel blockers, to check topics. Coronary heart circumstances attributable to extra intracellular calcium are sometimes handled with these medicine. Researchers discovered many dangerous results of publicity to EMFs have been mitigated when sufferers used calcium channel blockers together with publicity to EMFs. In distinction, management teams uncovered to the identical EMFs with out utilizing calcium channel blockers confirmed no constructive impact. Their analysis led them to look at how electromagnetic fields have been linked to voltage-gated calcium channels.

How can we use this data to guard ourselves from EMF injury? The answer for peculiar individuals can’t be taking these harmful and probably side-effect inflicting medicine. The query is: are there any naturally occurring, innocent, and even important substances that regulate calcium channels and block calcium inflow when essential?

A magnesium deficiency results in the necessity for calcium-channel blockers. Because of this, it’s virtually actually true that if we’re experiencing debilitating results from EMFs (a situation generally known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS), we’re poor in magnesium. Apart from the best way our meals is grown (even natural meals), the processed meals, alcohol, and occasional we devour, and persistent stress affecting our magnesium ranges – we can also be being bombarded with environmental electromagnetic fields in trendy occasions that make our our bodies use magnesium faster.

How Can Magnesium Be Replenished?

We all know that almost all of us are magnesium poor to a point and that EMF hypersensitivity and different well being points are associated to this. So how will we right it? Bioavailable meals are the muse of the 

method, with concentrated supplemental types used as essential. Because the meals we eat right now usually has much less magnesium than up to now, we could have issue getting the magnesium we want from simply meals alone. Nevertheless, we are able to use much less mainstream, extra nutrient-dense meals choices. Meals sources equivalent to chlorophyll, sea greens, chocolate/cacao, and fish have larger magnesium quantities.

Magnesium bicarbonate is likely one of the most absorbable types of magnesium, which is just out there in liquid type as a salt.

 Pure reactions between carbon dioxide and magnesium hydroxide produce it in minimal portions in some high-quality wild spring waters and pure mineral waters. Along with neutralizing acid byproducts, bicarbonates help digestion and assist ship magnesium to the cells extra effectively. 

We consider magnesium bicarbonate and Blushield units work effectively collectively to provide the most sturdy basis attainable to mitigate EMF publicity in our trendy world. Use our Blushield low cost code MGS for further financial savings.


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