Home Career Advice Office phrases glossary: A dictionary of probably the most used slang phrases within the office

Office phrases glossary: A dictionary of probably the most used slang phrases within the office

Office phrases glossary: A dictionary of probably the most used slang phrases within the office


The slang phrase ‘objectives’ is anticipated to be probably the most used office phrase of the 12 months in 2023, with the traces between individuals’s private and office vocabularies changing into more and more blurred.

We went on a mission to grasp how social media developments are having an influence on individuals’s lingo within the office. Knowledge exhibits that 30% of Brits discover themselves utilizing slang extra incessantly inside the office now than earlier than the pandemic, with 34% of individuals selecting up new phrases from their colleagues.

Whether or not consciously or unconsciously, individuals revealed they do that to slot in (16%) and bond with their colleagues (14%), which finally helps them love their jobs extra.

For these of you who wish to know the best way to use the following it-words, we now have put collectively an inventory of the highest 10 most incessantly used slang phrases within the office, to be able to additionally begin throwing these trending phrases round.


To explain one thing fascinating, and is relevant in any context, akin to a ‘couple objectives’, ‘fitness center objectives’, and even ‘outfit objectives’. It will also be utilized by itself, to interchange different constructive phrases akin to ‘nice’ or ‘superb’.

“I began this job three weeks in the past and I’ve already been promoted, and my colleagues make me breakfast day-after-day.”
“No manner, that’s objectives!”

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Feeling it

Agreeing with one thing positively, or that it sits nicely with you.

“I’ve put collectively this presentation and used a special design to what we usually use. What do you assume?”
“Sure, I’m feeling it.”
“We must always go bowling after the work drinks.”
“Nah I’m not feeling it, bowling isn’t my factor.”

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The instinctive feeling that somebody has about a spot, a state of affairs or an individual and is used to explain one thing each good and unhealthy.

“I placed on some reggae music within the workplace at this time because it’s Friday.”
“Sure, it’s a vibe.”
“My colleague retains on placing her soiled dishes on my desk when she’s eaten.”
“That’s not the vibe.”

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One thing unoriginal, uninteresting, or characterless. Can be utilized as an equal to ‘boring’ when referring to an individual or state of affairs moderately than an object.

“My new co-worker is good, however he solely listens to chart music, by no means has his personal opinion, and solely likes issues which might be mainstream or trending.”
“He sounds so primary.”
“My boss has but once more instructed to do a pub quiz at our Christmas celebration.”
“That’s so primary, there are such a lot of extra enjoyable issues that we might do as a substitute.”

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Hits totally different

A phrase used to explain one thing that’s considerably higher than standard or is healthier beneath sure circumstances.

“Espresso simply hits totally different when you have got it within the workplace.”
“Lunch simply hits totally different when it’s being paid for by work.”

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It’s giving

With roots in African-American English and New York Ballroom tradition, it has made its manner into social media in recent times. It may be utilized by itself as a constructive affirmation, just like ‘feeling it’, or with an added noun after it which describes what you consider an individual or state of affairs.

“I really like your outfit, it’s giving.”
“My colleague stated one thing actually sexist earlier in a gathering…it’s giving ignorance!”

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Used to explain one thing that’s excessive, or when somebody is attempting too arduous, or being overly dramatic.

“My colleague began crying once we ran out of Weight-reduction plan Coke within the merchandising machine.”
“No manner! That’s so further.”

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Just like the dictionary definition of the phrase, ‘iconic’ is used to explain how superb one thing or somebody is.

“My boss placed on the brand new Miley Cyrus breakup track within the workplace at this time after she discovered that her husband cheated.”
“That’s iconic.”

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Sleep on

A phrase used to explain one thing that’s not getting the eye it deserves.

“My boss is basically sleeping on my colleague’s pictures expertise. She’s actually good however by no means will get to point out it off.”

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The act of considering one thing into existence, with roots in religious practices and self-help methods that argue particular person’s needs can come true by mentally visualising them.

“I advised myself I used to be going to safe my dream job yesterday and discovered at this time that I’ve bought it.”
“Wow, congratulations! You actually manifested that.”

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We hope this record may also help individuals perceive the slang phrases from on-line tradition which have creeped into the office. Whether or not you wish to broaden your vocabulary or simply fancy utilizing new phrases to explain one thing, don’t ‘sleep on’ the influence it may need within the workplace!



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