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Meals Hangovers and a Hawaiian Prayer

Meals Hangovers and a Hawaiian Prayer


Does this ever occur to you? I wakened with a complete meals hangover. The evening earlier than, Chris and I ate at a restaurant generally accused of utilizing monosodium glutamate (MSG) in numerous their meals. Granted, MSG makes my meals style completely fantastic and salty and simply the proper spiciness. However… it additionally retains me awake for hours, makes my sleep mild and peculiar once I lastly do go to sleep, and makes me actually puffy within the morning. (Good!)

Then once we bought dwelling (already late) Chris made us every a brownie scorching fudge sundae which I made a decision to eat Mindfully, totally basking in and having fun with each insanely scrumptious chunk. Till the tip… when my stomach needed to be finished, however my mouth needed extra. So I finished being Conscious and I ate the final of it anyway.

Thus, together with my MSG puffiness and fatigue from crappy sleep, I additionally felt like I had a giant heavy brick in my stomach.

However what accompanies these bodily sensations is all the time worse: remorse for having made these decisions. Unhappy, quiet, largely underneath the radar refined emotions of disappointment and remorse and unhappiness and self-flogging. The visible is me getting a drained, disenchanted, disapproving look on my face and subtly shaking my head in a means that claims, “Why would you do this once more? I’m so sick of making an attempt with you.” Yuk.

I’m writing a guide on Self-Love. An vital precept that I preserve coming again to is that our entire day (our entire world, truly) will go considerably higher if we begin every day by doing 2 issues earlier than we take some other motion steps: first, do one thing, something that’s merely sort to you (i.e. a Self-Love follow); second, examine in for any Inside Steering that you may hear or really feel.

As I began reaching for my laptop to jot down this Self-Care Provocation – with drained puffy eyes and full heavy stomach and remorse for having finished it to myself – I remembered that vital precept and determined to comply with it. I assumed by way of a couple of of the Self-Love practices I’ve been writing about, and I made a decision on the Hawaiian prayer/mantra meditation: Ho’oponopono. It’s a 4-sentence prayer/mantra that you just repeat again and again till you are feeling full.

I do know by physique loves contact so, rubbing my fingers throughout my stomach, I stated the Ho’oponopono phrases again and again. Slowly…as if actually speaking to my stomach,

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I really like you.
I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I really like you.
I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I really like you.
I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I really like you.”

Time and again, gently rubbing my stomach (like I used to do on a regular basis so lovingly when Nikolas was in there rising 😊). “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I really like you.” Oh my goodness… how wonderful and miraculous to really feel the remorse and disapproval and disappointment soften into delicate, loving, self-compassion for me and my lovely stomach and physique. Regardless that the total heavy feeling was nonetheless there! Wow…lovely.

After which I put my laptop down and pulled out my journal, as a result of for me that’s one of many best methods I can hear my Inside Steering. And once I did that, it grew to become apparent that this was the subject I needed to jot down about at this time. Cool.

You need to be sort to you irrespective of your decisions. If and if you really feel disapproval or remorse or disappointment or insanity or unhappiness for ANY selection you make at this time… be sort to you by saying the Ho’oponopono phrases, again and again. “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks. I really like you.” And see if something shifts.

With nice love,





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