Home Addiction Recovery how i found that i have my alcohol Off switch

how i found that i have my alcohol Off switch

how i found that i have my alcohol Off switch


Matt’s Relationship with Alcohol

Matt had been around alcohol all his life. Growing up in the UK, it was a part of his culture. Alcohol was a constant in his life, from teenage years to adulthood, from being a husband to becoming a father. It was prevalent in his work culture as well, where it was encouraged to not have an alcohol off switch. Matt had identified several issues related to his drinking, including driving while intoxicated, working while drinking, dark moods, depression, and anxiety based on binge drinking. He had tried to stop many times but failed. It seemed like he could never find his alcohol off switch.

The Influence of Matt’s Drinking

Matt’s drinking had affected his personal and professional life. He used to plan his work around his drinking. One example was when he traveled to a sales meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. Instead of flying out with his colleagues, he flew the night before so that he could drink. His wife often dreaded his return because she knew he would be miserable. Matt wanted to change his relationship with alcohol after an enlightening conversation with a friend.

The Turning Point

Matt’s friend suggested he take a break from alcohol. At first, Matt was skeptical. He had tried to stop drinking many times before and failed. However, his friend’s suggestion resonated with him, and he decided to give it a try. Matt realized that he had been using alcohol to cope with his problems instead of dealing with them. He also discovered that he had never learned how to relax without alcohol. Taking a break from alcohol allowed him to reevaluate his relationship with it and how it was affecting his life.

Finding the Alcohol Off Switch

Matt learned that finding the alcohol off switch was not easy. He had to find alternative ways to relax and deal with his problems. He started practicing yoga, which helped him to clear his mind and focus on his breathing. He also started meditating, which allowed him to be present in the moment and let go of his worries. Matt also found that exercising helped him to release endorphins, which made him feel good. He started to enjoy the simple things in life, like taking a walk in the park or reading a book. Matt realized that he did not need alcohol to enjoy life

All in

alcohol off switch quote

Anyway, I’d examine in, cling my swimsuit up, iron a shirt recent for the morning, and take a look at the fitness center gear that I packed from dwelling figuring out it could by no means depart that bag or room. Then I’d then discover a bar close by so I wouldn’t should expertise an opportunity assembly with a colleague on the resort bar. My night would entail sitting alone and ingesting 6 – 7 pints of lager beer. As a result of I didn’t have an alcohol off swap.

Many people rely on alcohol to de-stress or get through difficult situations, and I was no exception. Whenever I went away for work, I’d sit with my phone and zone out, drinking to forget the pressures of life. The following day, I’d attend the meeting feeling depressed, knowing that the visit was ending, and the cycle of binging and despair would repeat.

I never had an alcohol off switch, and I couldn’t just have one drink. Whenever I tried to quit, I’d fail, and the longest I stayed sober was for 47 days. I’d plan my business trips around drinking, and if I went out for the night, I had alcohol at home in case I needed it later. The anxiety I felt before going to the pub was overwhelming, and I always rushed to get there early.

A few months ago, I met an old colleague who shared similar drinking patterns to myself in the past. He said he realized he was a functional alcoholic, and over the next hour, I could relate to everything he said. That was the turning point that made me realize I needed to find my alcohol off switch.

I decided to learn how to create my alcohol off switch, and I came across Annie’s books and podcasts. Her materials inspired me to start my own journey and enroll in the Alcohol Experiment 30-day challenge. I knew I needed all the information I could get to engage my alcohol off switch, and I listened to podcasts like Bare Life Story for inspiration.

For the first time ever, I have a path forward, and I know that I need to do this for myself. My advice to others is not to start drinking if they can’t moderate, and if they must stop, they should do it for themselves and not for others. There is help available, and people will support you if you tell them you don’t drink.

Finding my alcohol off switch wasn’t easy, and it took me years to get here. But I’m glad I made the decision to change my life, and I hope others will find the strength to do the same.



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