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Why I like World Without Alcohol

Why I like World Without Alcohol


Growing Up Around Alcohol

As a child, I was surrounded by frequent drinkers. Alcohol was a normal part of my parents’ routine, and even at a young age, I was curious about it. I grew up in a vacation town that was known for its bars and party culture.

High School and College Drinking Experiences

Ironically, I didn’t drink much in high school. Towards the end of senior year, I had a few experiences with alcohol, and it was during one of those times that I was deemed “cool” by one of the more popular kids. In college, I didn’t drink much either, but I did have a few experiences with overeating, blacking out, and getting sick.

Alcohol Becomes a Problem

After I got married and had two children, alcohol became more of an issue. Women’s weekends and dinner parties with friends were focused on excessive drinking. I remember going to an engagement party out of town and having a few too many drinks, not remembering the rest of the night. Drinking wine several nights a week also became common, and managing hangovers became harder. I tried to quit or limit myself, but it never lasted.

Overwhelmed and Stressed

The most challenging time for me was when my dad was battling Alzheimer’s, my daughters had left for college, and we sold our house. My parents lived far away from me, and I was a teenager. I was trying to help my mom with my dad while working full-time and living within a distance. The stress was unbearable, and I found myself drinking a lot of wine during those times. I tried to quit, but it never lasted.

Discovering This Naked Mind

One day, I stumbled upon the book “This Naked Mind” at a bookstore. I learned more about the book and joined the group, but I still struggled with quitting and returning to drinking. However, the information in the book and the podcast kept me going. It opened up a whole new world that I hadn’t known existed. I realized that not drinking was a positive choice.

Choosing a World Without Alcohol

I have chosen to live in a world without alcohol, and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. My life has improved in so many ways, including better sleep and more energy. I am better at my job and have more self-confidence than ever before. Menopause symptoms have also lessened, which is an added bonus. I am excited to continue living my life without alcohol.

Start Reading This Naked Mind

If you’re interested in what a world without alcohol can do for you, start reading “This Naked Mind” now and discover your freedom! You can even download the introductory chapter for free.



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