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What’s A Happiness Jar and Why Do You Must Get One Instantly?

What’s A Happiness Jar and Why Do You Must Get One Instantly?



Query: What’s the very first thing you do when you’ve got a cheerful second at work?


If the phrase “nothing” simply popped into your head, you’ll want to get a happiness jar!

It’s precisely what the title implies – a jar that collects happiness. 

Protecting a happiness jar shouldn’t be going to revolutionize your world, or all of a sudden flip you into the happiest human ever. Nevertheless it’s a straightforward first step in the direction of a extra aware work life the place you acknowledge – and really feel – the satisfaction and pleasure of every small win.

I don’t keep in mind the place I heard about happiness jars, however it was most likely on-line, since I’m on-line 1000 hours a day. 

Clearly exaggerating, however I’m a content material guide so I do stare at a display screen most days – and I fall down rabbit holes recurrently. It most likely popped up in a seek for one thing wildly unrelated to happiness. Or jars.




Mine is a mason jar. Nothing fancy. And on many days, it simply sits on the nook of my desk, taking over little or no area and quietly minding its personal enterprise. 

However when one thing particularly good occurs, my happiness jar jogs my memory to take discover of the second.

I jot down the date and a short description of my accomplishment, fold up the paper, and pop it into the jar. Word: I take advantage of 3 inch sq. Submit-Its as a result of they’re colourful

That’s it. That’s the entire course of. As months go by, the jar fills up. And on the finish of the 12 months, I put aside an hour to learn, and savor, every be aware.

It might sound foolish and inconsequential, however right here’s the factor…

Earlier than I began holding that happiness jar on the nook of my desk, I usually did NOTHING to acknowledge these small wins. 

Now, 4 years into the happiness jar behavior, I can say that the very first thing I do when I’ve a cheerful second is WRITE IT DOWN.  


My happiness jar helps me in a number of methods:

  • I’m extra aware of constructive moments and once they occur, I pause to understand them.
  • I really feel extra succesful and assured as a result of noting small wins naturally makes me really feel extra profitable.
  • When I’ve a not-so-amazing day, I can look over at my happiness jar and be reminded that that is simply sooner or later. These colourful Submit-Its are concrete proof that I get pleasure from my work.


To cite Oprah Winfrey, “The extra you reward and rejoice your life, the extra there may be in life to rejoice.”


Protecting a happiness jar is a small factor. Nevertheless it’s additionally a beautiful thought. And you are able to do it proper now. All you want is a jar. And a few colourful Submit-Its as a result of they do make it fairly!





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