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Unsticking from Anxious Ideas

Unsticking from Anxious Ideas


By Annabelle Parr, MA, AMFT

Our capability for language permits us as a species to be glorious drawback solvers. It’s the factor that allowed us to invent automobiles that transport us over massive distances rapidly, and it’s additionally what provides us the flexibility to note if we have now a flat tire, pull over, and change the tire with a spare (and if you’re not the savviest with automotive points, to grasp a YouTube video explaining how).

Once we are anxious or afraid, our minds give you ideas to attempt to assist us make sense of our worry and drawback remedy potential threats.

For those who get a flat when you are driving, earlier than any languaging kicks in, you may discover your self feeling a jolt of worry. Worry is an acute feeling that exhibits up when we face a perceived menace. And worry is absolutely adaptive. If we by no means felt worry or anxiousness, we wouldn’t survive lengthy. Often, proper after worry or anxiousness (or every other emotion) kicks in, our thoughts jumps in with some ideas to attempt to make some that means out of that feeling and assist us deal with it. On this case, worry may inform you to “pull over as quickly as you’ll be able to.” Listening to that thought will seemingly assist you resolve the difficulty and guarantee you might be as soon as once more driving a secure, safe car.



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