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The way to Overcome Nervousness When Triggered by Time – hopetocope.com

The way to Overcome Nervousness When Triggered by Time – hopetocope.com


When the clock is ticking and I’ve to be someplace, my stress stage goes by the roof. To stabilize earlier than emotional paralysis units in, I handle my schedule, feelings, and thoughts.

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Time Stress

There may be one set off that has the ability to completely paralyze me: TIME.

All my life, it appears I’ve tended to get very wired with something having to do with time. Perhaps it’s the concern my mother and father put into me to ensure I by no means missed the varsity bus or was late for varsity!

Lately, I’ve been coping with a deadline for a REALLY BIG mission. Have you ever ever observed how the extra essential the scenario is, the stronger the stress response is?

The subsequent factor I do know, my mind is being hijacked by all these unfavorable ideas:

  • “You’re going to be late.”
  • “You received’t get this performed on time.”
  • “You’re going to overlook it.”
  • “You don’t have sufficient time.”

It’s a great factor I’ve discovered some methods (or LifeTOOLS) so I don’t change into paralyzed by the nervousness!

#1 The Override

That is after I choose a constructive thought that cancels out a unfavorable one by overriding it! Listed here are some constructive phrases that I repeat every day:

  • “I’ve ALL the time that I want!”
  • “I’m proper the place I’m speculated to be!”
  • “I get there after I get there!”

#2 The Serenity Answer

is after I repeat the Serenity Prayer time and again and over in my head,
crowding out the unfavorable ideas.

My shortened, in-the-moment “stress model” of the Serenity Prayer is:

“Can I do something about it RIGHT NOW?

If the reply is sure, I do it!
If the reply is no, I inform myself to let it go!

#3 The Buffer

As a result of I understand how anxious I can get, I purposely construct in “buffer time” with my schedule. I give myself additional time! Listed here are among the methods I create buffer time with sure irritating conditions:

  • Going someplace new?
    • I give myself an additional half-hour of “misplaced time.”
  • Going through a deadline?
    • I begin the mission early and create a private deadline per week upfront of the particular deadline.
  • Going to an appointment?
    • I give myself an additional half-hour for site visitors time.

Do you wrestle with this, too? Let me know within the remark field what YOU do to handle this set off.

~ To Residing Nicely TODAY! ~

Initially posted October 3, 2019



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