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The Ripple Impact of Restoration

The Ripple Impact of Restoration


The Ripple Impact of Restoration

Gerardo (Gee) Matamoros believes that his descent into substance use disorder (SUD) was due to a lack of self-belief. He based his identity on the opinions of others, rather than discovering it for himself. This habit extended into his professional life in the high-pressure advertising industry where substance abuse was common and even encouraged. Gee’s repeated negative behaviors led him to a psychiatric hospital and then rehab, where he discovered SMART Recovery.

SMART’s principles and tools helped Gee manage his confusion, anxiety, and fear. He realized that he had the power to change his habits and began setting goals based on his own values. Gee values SMART greatly and has worked for the organization in various capacities for several years. He has facilitated support meetings, trained facilitators, and served as the President of SMART Recovery NYC.

Additionally, Gee has taken action on behalf of the Latinx community, which he feels is important for him personally. He runs an online meeting in Spanish and helps adapt materials to better serve this community. He receives positive feedback from people who have found these resources valuable.

Thanks to SMART, Gee has become an individual who accomplishes things he never thought possible. He has published a short story, worked as a model, and embraced the role of a social activist. He credits his success to SMART, his family, and friends.

Gee’s story illustrates the significant impact that SMART can have on individuals and communities. Gee’s positive experience with SMART has led him to help others in the Latinx community, which has allowed SMART to reach more people who need help.

Your year-end gift to SMART will help them support Gee in his work and reach more individuals who are seeking help. SMART’s resources have the power to change lives and provide a path to life beyond addiction.



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