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The Discomfort of Isolation During Pandemic

The Discomfort of Isolation During Pandemic

Do you remember in March when we were all asked to stay at home? At first, it seemed like a good idea, and many of us were excited to have more time to ourselves. But now, seven months later, we are sick of being isolated and uncertain about what the future holds. The pandemic has caused different rules and guidelines in each state, which has made things even more confusing. As a result, it’s difficult to know what to do or how to stay safe.

The lack of leadership from the government has made things even more challenging. People have handled the pandemic differently. Some have ignored social distancing, while others have stayed home for the most part. With Florida opening everything up with no restrictions, many people feel that the pandemic is over and have returned to their lives. However, some people are still cautious and wonder if it’s okay to have a socially distanced baby shower.

Regardless of our choices, most of us have felt isolated this year. Isolation is the feeling of being alone or apart from others. Many of us have felt this way since the pandemic began, including myself. Although I work from home, I used to travel often for work and pleasure. Now, everything has stopped, and my days have become repetitive.

The feeling of isolation has made me question the purpose of my work and my life. I’ve also felt misunderstood, which has been difficult. Despite this, I’ve tried to be there for others and remain compassionate. It’s crucial to check in on our friends who are still social distancing and ensure that they are okay. It’s also essential to prioritize our mental well-being and use tools such as therapy, meditation, and exercise.

It’s essential to acknowledge our feelings and not ignore them. Although we may feel isolated now, we know that this feeling is temporary. We can overcome it by facing discomfort and looking for ways to connect with others safely. While we may not be able to be physically close to each other, we can still be there for one another. Remember that you are not alone in feeling isolated this year, and we will get through this together


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