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How To Cease Utilizing Alcohol to Escape

How To Cease Utilizing Alcohol to Escape


Maxi had been using alcohol as a way to escape from reality. It was his only coping mechanism, until it stopped working for him. Although he was still young, Maxi had experienced a lot in life. Thanks to This Naked Mind, he is now committed to living an alcohol-free life.

The Beginning

In Australia, it is common for teenagers to start drinking at a young age. Maxi started drinking in high school, around 16 or 17 years old, on weekends with friends. He drank a lot, one-liter bottles of Absolut Vodka. As a musician, he played in various venues where alcohol was always present. Drinking was a normal part of his life for many years. He never thought he had a problem with it.

Drinking Culture

As Maxi got older, he moved into DJing and playing in clubs. Alcohol was a big part of the culture. People would drink for days on end. Maxi started using alcohol as an indulgence, especially when he was traveling and making new friends. However, it eventually took a toll on him.

Escaping Reality

Maxi moved to London for work, then Copenhagen and finally Paris, where he started to notice his drinking was becoming a problem. The French culture of drinking wine in the morning was something he adored. However, it normalized drinking at any time of day, which ultimately became a significant issue for him.

Using Alcohol to Cope

When the pandemic occurred, the French government canceled Maxi’s visa and sent him back to Australia. He was soon in lockdown in Melbourne, which was one of the most severe lockdowns in the world. He started to use alcohol to escape and to pass the time. Although he still had some motivation, he realized he was using alcohol to get to sleep, to cope and to control his emotions.

Losing Control

After lockdown ended, Maxi moved to Byron Bay, where he drank more heavily. He drank two bottles of wine every night and soon moved onto hard liquor. Drinking became his only focus, and he felt like he was losing himself. Even when he volunteered to help others during a flood, he was drinking all day, every day. He realized he needed to stop using alcohol to escape.

Getting Help

Maxi reached out to a friend who recommended an app, which led him to This Naked Mind podcast. He listened to it while still drunk and drinking every day. However, things started to make sense to him. He realized he wasn’t alone and decided to quit drinking. Although it was challenging, he was able to stop and has not gone back to drinking since.

Getting Better

Maxi now realizes that getting himself to a better place mentally is essential to help himself. He had to push through the hard parts to reach a better state of mind, which has allowed him to help himself in ways he never thought possible. If you want to stop using alcohol to escape, start reading This Naked Mind for free now and discover your freedom.

Hear extra from Maxi on his podcast episode – https://thisnakedmind.com/ep-541-naked-life-story-maxi/



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