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Constructing a Versatile Employer Model for a Multinational Media Firm

Constructing a Versatile Employer Model for a Multinational Media Firm


Constructing a Versatile Employer Model for a Multinational Media Firm: Anne Hurley’s Journey

In the ever-expanding world of media, NBCUniversal stands tall as a colossal multinational empire with over 20 companies scattered across 30 countries. Each of these companies possesses its unique identity, thriving in its niche, whether it’s theme parks, television stations, motion pictures, or premium streaming services. However, with such a vast array of brands and locations, creating a unified Employer Value Proposition (EVP) was no easy feat.

Anne Hurley, Director of Talent Branding at NBCUniversal, took on this Herculean task to craft a flexible EVP for this massive media firm. In an interview with Employer Branding Podcast, Hurley shared her story of constructing a versatile EVP that would unify all of the diverse brands.

Setting Goals for a Unified Employer Model

NBCUniversal aimed to create an EVP that would unite all of the distinct brands, and to achieve this goal, the Expertise Acquisition team set specific targets. Their focus was on increasing brand awareness and engagement, improving employee experience, and recruiting excellence. These targets served as a compass, guiding them towards their desired destination: a successful EVP that could be measured across all brands.

A Shape-Shifting EVP

NBCUniversal’s empire was decentralized, with each property operating independently. Hurley’s mission was to unify them under a single EVP banner that could bend and flex to suit the needs of NBC News and Peacock streaming alike.

Their quest led them to a research phase, where they gathered information through employee roundtables, internal data, and external vendor consultations. With this newfound knowledge, they formed alliances with Corporate Creative and Corporate Communications teams to create a powerful tagline: “Here you can.”

This adaptable phrase was the magic they needed. It allowed them to add specific language for each brand, skillset, or interest. For example, E! News could use the EVP as “Here you can be Pop Cultured,” while DEI initiatives could proclaim, “Here you can be authentically you.” The EVP’s power came from its ability to transform for different audiences.

An International EVP Journey

To activate their EVP across the globe, Hurley’s Talent Branding team prioritized localization. “Our brand doesn’t relate to people in Germany, the UK, or France in the way it resonates with people in the US,” Hurley acknowledged. Armed with this insight, they set out to create a global toolkit that would unite the empire.

They began with focus groups to better understand the needs of each territory. This data empowered them to craft localized assets that aligned with the overarching EVP while maintaining a consistent look and feel across all languages. By collaborating with local brand champions, they developed the resources necessary for each region to create localized, inclusive content.

Lessons for Fellow Employer Branding Pioneers

Hurley shared valuable lessons for those embarking on their own EVP journey. Before setting out, be clear about your internal goals and gather as much information about your organization as possible. When it’s time to take action, ensure everyone has a seat at the table.

While large organizations may present unique challenges, best practices exist for developing and activating an EVP. And most importantly, don’t hesitate to reach out to fellow professionals in the employer branding realm. As Hurley advises, “I’ve made a lot of connections by simply pinging the peers on this podcast.”

So, dear reader, forge ahead, and may your own EVP journey be filled with success and valuable connections.

Constructing a Versatile Employer Model for a Multinational Media Firm



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